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Why startups get to join the network for FREE?

We value the hard work, the energy, and the passion of the entrepreneur who wants to be a part of the green rush and GROW their business. We also know that money is tight when you first start out. Our way of giving back!

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FREE benefits for Startups and what Green Cure Capital gets out of it

As a startup you will get access to our professional experts and affiliates that will help to GROW your business.  You will have the opportunity to attend all Green Cure networking events for a nominal fee. However your greatest benefit is that your company can be highlighted in our shareable Green Cure Capital newsletter " The Green Cure Craze". One less piece of content for you to  create.

What does Green Cure Capital get out of my Startup joining the network?

Green Cure Capital is gaining a list of credible startups that are eager to GROW, that we can put in front of our professional affiliates that are wanting your business. We are in the business of connecting Startups to capital, sometimes that means working capital, resource and operational capital, and even human capital.

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Green Cure Monthly Networking Events

Let Green Cure Capital connect you with the leaders in the Legal Cannabis Industry. Our networking events are created with you, the professional in mind. We charge a nominal fee for these events to cover costs, but more importantly want to bring high quality presenters and sponsors to you that will truly help GROW your business. These events are for professionals and startups and are meant to educate, inform and set you and your business on a path to success.

Coming Events

Have a venue, speaker or sponsor in mind for our next event we want to hear from you. All Green Cure Capital events are created to bring together the BEST in the industry. We want to GROW together.

Become an Affiliate - ONLY WINNERS Need Apply

Affiliates are more than members, they are thought leaders in their respective industry and know that we are stronger together than on our own. The monthly affiliate fee gives you access to the network, through advertising and marketing on the Green Cure website and Events, speaker/presenter status, and a line of business to your existing business, helping professionals in the legal cannabis industry. The industry is looking for professionals like you to expand your knowledge base. If you are already a "winner" in your respective field, we know that you will continue to win in the cannabis business. 




Marijuana Business Daily, " nearly 70% of ancillary services firms report profitability"

Cannabis startups need help with everything from design and build-out, branding and marketing, to regulatory compliance.  If you are highly skilled in any of these areas and have helped other main-streamed companies be successful, then your skills are need in the cannabis industry as well.  The most profitable in the Green Rush are consultants with backgrounds ranging from legal, commercial real estate, security, horticulture and other varied sciences. If you offer something most businesses need to GROW and scale you should know that cannabis-businesses need it too!

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